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Get to Know PA Governor Hopeful Scott Wagner

Wednesday, May 31, 2017 |7pm NAC Sports Training Center

You are invited to hear PA Governor Hopeful Senator Scott Wagner speak about his plans to “fix PA” and more.   Scott will be available for questions after his talk and we, the “People4Trump”, will have a chance to get to know him better.

Scott Wagner – Senator from PA 28th Senatorial District 

“A dysfunctional political system ruled by entrenched special interests and career politicians has saddled us with enormous debt, high taxes, a weak economy, under performing schools, and embarrassing scandals. That’s why Pennsylvanians in droves have voted with their feet by moving to prosperous, well-run states.

Governor Tom Wolf promised us a Fresh Start, but he and the entrenched political class have done nothing to reverse course. In fact, they’ve given us more of the same by continuing the failure of Harrisburg’s tax, borrow, and spend mentality that has kept Pennsylvania BROKE and BROKEN.”

 …PA Senator Scott Wagner

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People 4 Trump Gathering Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Tuesday, April 25th | 7pm

NAC Sports Training Center

As a People4Trump member, you  know the power of grassroots organizers and how important it is that we keep up the Trump momentum! We need to continue our hard work and ensure that good people who support President Donald J. Trump and his agenda are in office at every level of government.

Join People4Trump at our next meeting on Tuesday, April 25th at 7pm at the NAC Sports Training Center. The primary goal of our meeting is to assist Trump supporting candidates with their campaigns so they are victorious on Primary Election Day which is Tuesday, May 16.

We will have as our guest speaker, Mark McKee, a current Warminster Township Supervisor who is running for re-election. Mark is an avid Trump supporter and worked hard for President Trump but now he needs our help!

Meet Mark McKee, running for Supervisor in Warminster Township.  Mark has been an avid Trump supporter since day one and now needs our help to secure his re-election.  He deserves our help and you can be a big part of that.  We need good people who support Donald Trump and his administration to be in office, whether locally or nationally.

Our group is growing, but it cannot be too big. Please bring your like minded friends, family and colleagues. Spread the word and let everyone know you are a part of the movement.


Next Meeting, Wednesday, October 12, 2016, 7pm, NAC Sports Training Center

It is time to Re-Group, Re-Energize and Re-Strategize.

There are only 28 days left until the general election and Pennsylvania and the 8th Congressional District are falling behind in the polls.  This is make it – or break it time and we need to come out to the Trump Victory Headquarters in Newtown and start pulling our weight by knocking on doors and calling potential voters.
Come out to this meeting to learn from Jim Worthington exactly what you can do to make the most impact.

Contact the new Bucks County Trump Headquarters Director to get involved today!
Katie Martinez or 215-515-8500

The NAC Sports Training Center is located in a separate building form the main NAC building.  After you turn onto the main NAC driveway make the first left into the Sports Training Center, then proceed to the back entrance of the building.  You will see the sign clearly marked above the entrance.

120 Pheasant Run, Newtown PA 18940

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Update since June 20th Meeting

Here are some of the activities that have taken place since we last met on Monday, June 20th.
1. A volunteer training meeting was held on Saturday, June 25th at 10am at the NSTC.
2.  Voter app user names and passwords were assigned for each of the 73 folks at the June 20th meeting.
3. Walk books are being developed to tell volunteers where to knock on doors.
4.  One on one meetings are being scheduled for volunteers to be trained.
5.  We are asking volunteers to find at least 2 friends to join the group and volunteer.
6.  Newly trained volunteers are going out to knock on doors this weekend in order to get people to register to vote and to support Trump.
7.  We are recruiting neighborhood leaders who want to take responsibility for their areas.
8.  We are developing signs that can be made available ASAP for private properties of Trump supporters.
Thank you for the efforts of Meredith Glacken and Bobby Percin who are working with the “Victory Operation” of The RNC.  They are doing some tremendous legwork and really getting the job done on the ground.  Those of you that were at the June 20th meeting met them. They will be working closely along side us over the next few months.

Meeting Recap, Monday, June 20, 2016

Group Leader Jim Worthington gave an introduction and overview of the group:

People 4 Trump Key strategies:

Recruit members
Raise funds
Organize and manage volunteers
Develop and produce collaterals

Introduction of our key partners with the Trump Campaign

Meredith Glacken, Deputy State Director with the Trump Campaign

Bobby Percin, Regional Field Director with the Trump Campaign

Campaign Strategies

Voter identification
Voter persuasion
Voter registration
Voter turnout

Strategy and Organizational Meeting Wednesday, May 25, 2016 / Recap

With over 25 people in attendance at the meeting, we had a successful turnout of dedicated and enthusiastic Trump supporters for this brand new grassroots committee of the people.

This group is led by Jim Worthington, Republican National Convention Delegate 2016 representing the PA 8th congressional District and the owner of Newtown Athletic Club, real estate developer and business entrepreneur.
We are poised to lead the way in Bucks County and the PA 8th Congressional District, which include parts of northeastern Montgomery County, to getting Donald Trump elected President of the United States.

Jim outlined some key strategies that this group will seek to undertake:

Recruit members: using social media, emails, word of mouth and website promotion

Raise funds: through donations to support the work of the group

Organize and manage volunteers: to distribute signage, make phone calls, canvas neighborhoods, distribute literature, man the pools on election day and more
Develop and produce collaterals: to support the group’s mission to get Donald Trump elected.

In order to achieve the group’s goal of insuring Donald Trump’s election in the PA 8th Congressional District, we need to develop a group of at least 300 individuals or more. This is not an impossible task, but will take the concerted efforts of everyone involved. For example, if each of us recruited about 10 more people we may be able to reach that goal.

There was a great deal of enthusiasm expressed during the meeting not only for Trump, but also for the idea that we need to take the lead in this effort to insure success. The general consensus of the group is that the established local party leaders may not be as dogged in their pursuit of our goal.

We want to thank everyone who came to the meeting, with a special shout out to those folks from Horsham in Montgomery County who are not even in the PA 8th Congressional District, but who want to work side by side with us for our common goal.

Our group is open to working with anyone who has the energy and desire to support the cause of Donald Trump for President. Please share this information with your friends, family and colleagues.

We will be calling another meeting in a couple of weeks to regroup with even more supporters. In the meantime, please spread the word.

Thank you all for being on the inside track of change to “Make America Great”.