Letters to the Editor Campaign

One of our enthusiastic group members, Wayne Page, mentioned  writing “Letters to the Editor” at the June 20th meeting. He felt that getting Trump elected is so important that we cannot let the other side dictate the narrative. What we say may not change a Hillary voter but it can sway those on the fence. To speak about why you support Trump at our meetings does nothing.  We need to let those in the 8th District know. It’s free and takes 10 to 15 minutes.

You may simply email your letter to letters@calkins.com.

Wayne said, “There is NO reason we can’t do at least this, they will publish them. I sent one in on the 9th and it printed on the 13th (see below). Please send out an email to the group, I can’t stand looking at the paper and seeing all negative lies and we do nothing. If they send one this month they’ll be able to do a second one before November. I can’t emphasize the importance of this enough, why are we letting those on the fence only read only negative Trump editorials? Editorials should not attack what others have sent in personally, just show the other side of what is being said and why we’re supporting Trump.”

Thank you Wayne, we agree completely and would love to see letters written by everyone in the group.  We have included yours as an example.

Wayne’s Letter to the Editor:

All these editorials attacking Donald Trump are so far off and really shows what President Obama said a week ago is correct “if you say a lie enough times people start to believe it” which really sums up his Presidency, but this is about the attacks on Donald Trump.

Donald Trump has been in the public eye for over 30 years and until he decided to run for President has never been called a racist. Trump employees thousands of all races, genders, and nationalities. Donald Trump has given many women opportunities that no politician has ever done from beauty pageants to high ranking positions in many of his businesses.

Ask yourself this, if Donald Trump was running as a Democrat would he be called racist?

Democrats keep saying that being President is not like reality TV.

re·al·i·ty  noun  1.the world or the state of things as they actually exist, as opposed to an idealistic or notional idea of them.

Ask yourself this, shouldn’t it be?

If Donald Trump was running as a Democrat, wouldn’t Trump University case go away? If the Democrats can make Clinton’s Benghazi lies, email scandal, Foundation donations, etc. a non-issue something as small as Trump University wouldn’t have even been mentioned.

The Liberal media loves to report on Republican candidates that lost in the primary and won’t support Donald Trump but fail to ask why the candidate made such a big deal about Trump signing the “pledge” that these two faced politicians went back on. Donald Trump doesn’t need these Republicans to win and by November we’ll be looking differently at ALL politicians from both parties and have a better understanding why this country is struggling.

So if you take away the lies, poor reporting, and false attacks you will see that over the last 30 years Donald Trump has done way more than the Clintons to make America Great. Everything from an ice rink to providing jobs, developing/saving communities, and creating opportunities which means Donald Trump is a true American success story. It’s time to put America First, secure our borders, bring back and keep employment opportunities here. That’s not racist that’s American!